Stay Or Go

My x sent a message sayin how he miss me an wants me back but let go back to wat happen when we were together one minute he sweet hugs and kisses next minute he dont want my like he wanted to stay and go off an on so i told him stay or go pick he didnt choose i did we seperated he lets came back wit a radio playin i miss you outside my window i came to the window he was crying we got back together he did the samething i didnt no wat to do so he text me today wat should i do
darkangel18 darkangel18
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

I'm sorry but i had a hard time understanding what you were writing, ...but it sounds like you should stay away from this guy

I moved he just calls an text

okay, well if he's upsetting you...better to cut ties.

I told his in over him he ced im gona need him one day

i doubt only need yourself. Be strong!

:-) thanks

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