I Need Help With A Novel I’m Going To Be Working On...

Basically, I have three ideas – all of which I like, but I can’t for the life of me decide which one to start writing...

I would like to write it in first person, but I think I would have a bit of a problem doing that with idea three.

Please read each of the ideas below & comment on which appeals to you more. Also, give reason why.

Any advice is much appreciated...

Idea one: Basically, this would be the story of a beautiful Honey Trap who is hired by the wife of a very wealthy man. She suspects he is cheating on her, so she asks our Honey Trap to go under cover, only our Honey Trap falls for her target which makes things complicated. She starts to hold back information from the wife, who in turn, starts to suspect that something is going on. She would then become the villain of my story... (We need a villain after all lol)

Idea two: Very similar to idea one, only this time our main character is an undercover cop who is sent in to investigate yet again, a wealthy man, only she starts to fall for his charm – coming clean about who she really is & chancing losing both him & her job. Obviously the villain in this would be an officer? Maybe a close friend or partner turned bad? (Any ideas on this would be great – thanks)

Idea three: This would be about two gorgeous young women who con rich people out of their money. Anyway, our main character & her partner in crime, both having their own method of catching their ‘pray’, take on a new target, one who would set them both up for a very long time. Our main character takes on a more professional approach & goes undercover as his PA, where as her friend/partner tries to get in the romantic way, using her gorgeous ‘blonde bombshell’ looks to snag him, only he falls for the natural beauty – his PA. This clearly ****** the blonde off, & thus, we have our villain. Not to mention, our main character falls for their target & then decides not to go through with their plan – which ****** to blonde off even more . She’s just lost a target to someone she’s in competition with, & she is going to lose out on a lot of money. (Any ideas on this would also be amazing, but this one I would have a hard time writing in first person, even though it is my favourite out of the three...)

Let me know what you think about all the above ideas, but please vote for the one you like the most & the one you think has the most potential,

Thanks, Kelly x

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1 Response Feb 12, 2013

The 3rd is the best. Why not make the 2 femme fatales bi lovers? Then you have the sexual tension between them as well as each with their "target" Pick a location / city you know so you can add local color describing places, events, etc.