Ok. I really need some help and some advice. Here's my story:
It all started at a wedding.
My parents own a wedding venue and I help out some times. So, at a wedding about 8 months ago, I met a man.
He was super attractive and the groom's best friend. He spent the whole reception/party hanging out with me outside of the building. At the end of the night, I told him my full Facebook name. That night, I got a message from him. I couldn't believe it!
We both fell crazy in love with each other in a time span of 3 months. We officially started dating about 6 months ago.
By the 4th month, our relationship became physical and we started to have sex.
You may be thinking, "oh this is typical and kind of a cute love story."
I agree, except there is a huuuuge problem: age difference and my parents.
I'm 17 and he's 23. To me, it's not that big of a deal. We are on the same maturity level and we both want the same things.
The problem is mainly my parents, they have a huge problem with him.
I come from a very "well off" and "wealthy" family. They are all very traditional and very baptist. So, naturally, they are also very conservative. I tried to tell them about him before we started dating, but they flipped out and made me not want to tell them anything... Ever. Our whole relationship has been a secret.
So this is where it gets scary...
We had sex... On one of my ovulation days... Without protection.
I have experienced some prenatal spotting and very more signs of pregnancy.
How do I go about telling my parents that I'm pregnant? How do I tell them who the father is.
I'm so afraid of losing my family's trust and of losing the majority of my "friends".
I go to a private school and I'm a senior this year. They don't allow pregnant teens to go to their school. I've been going to this school all my life. If I get kicked out for being pregnant on my last year, my parents are gonna flip.
Idk... I just wanna move, have our baby, and live with him for the rest of my life.
He already is planning to marry me and he is extremely committed. He's a great guy and does everything for me.
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What school does not allow pregnant students these days. Shame on them, and shame on your parents for making you feel this way.

Take a pregnancy test. If your not pregnant, be more careful next time. 17 is very young for a child. Condoms