Am Really In Someway Hopin For Some Hellp.

I have been trying to write a song, I'll think I'm almost got it, then I hate it. I want to more then write it ya see. I have been off and on with someone for years. and now we're finally back together, despite the odds.  Now maybe it's wanting to put to much into the song, that i can't find a rythm for the words. maybe it's cause I'm stuck on rhyming a lil. but I told her, No promised her a song, and since that.....I haven't been able to do it. now I can sing, and i can write poetry....but everything else isn't jus workin out dat well. So if anyones willing to help ^___^ I would be thrilled, cause It's time she heard how much I fully love her :)
inconditusLeo inconditusLeo
18-21, M
May 22, 2010