If It Were Just For Me, I Wouldn't Ask...

Its tough caring for a home I don't own. I don't have the money to hire someone to help me and everytime I ask someone they're busy. I need to trim a limb off a tree. If I don't, in time it'll kill the tree. The limb is already split from the trunk. Really all I need is someone to hold the ladder I need to stand on while I saw off the limb. Its nothing fancy. Well it would be great if that very same person would hold the ladder so I could also clean the gutter to this other part of the house. I guess I'll have to do it by myself. The gutter one I can probably do by myself; but, the tree, well I'm worried since I will have to set up the ladder on a hill. I'm afraid I'll fall. I just don't know what to do. I could hire a company. I know they'll charge lots of money which I don't have. I hate the situation that I'm in, it sucks.

Update: So last year (2012) I did trim the lower branches by myself on the ladder, almost took a tumble a couple times (yes, with the ladder). This helped it recover from the split; yet, unfortunately it did weaken the tree (since I was never able to cut off the split limbs) and inevitably the tree failed during one of our recent intense thunderstorms (June 2013). It has since collapsed & in the process hit part of the house. So now have hired a general contractor to repair the house. The tree ... I'm sad to say has perished. I loved that tree. I felt bad I couldn't do more to help it & had saved up money to this year hire a company to trim it, though it was too late.

Please help your neighbors. If they had offered, I would have taken the offer. I do need help. Its so hard to do everything myself.
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I know what you mean, I am a criple due to a staff abcess in my spine then nine weeks ago I sufered a stroke that left my left hand useless, but when I ask for help everybody seem to be continuosly busy.

Sounds horrible! {{{HUGS}}} Thanks for your support toughth.

Thank you kristee07. Yeah, you're right. When you want to be alone and decompose, everyone wants to be around or they need your companionship and when you really need help, they're busy. That's so ironic.

what about community care for your area couldn't they come help?

I do have the telescoping tree limb pruner and I plan to use it since I don't want to climb up to far on the ladder and lose my balance. I plan to tie it to me or the tree also so if I drop it for some reason its not a pain to go retrieve it when I'm up on that ladder. <br />
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I wish I lived in a neighborhood that was clever and giving like yours warmwhisper. Here its everyone for themselves. Most of the advice I've gotten from them when I ask is 'hire someone'. When you hire someone it gets expensive. Some companies won't come out and do any work without a certain minimum spent. I don't have the money to hire anyone anyway. <br />
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I'm still going to attempt the work by myself. I really don't want to kill the tree. I'd love it if someone (like I said) would take time out of their busy lives and come hold the ladder and not worry about litigation. Just come and stand there while I saw. I'd be willing to provide a 6pack of beer or even pay them for their time as long as its under $20.

Balance: the health of the tree vs your physical well being<br />
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I'm really hoping you have a telescoping tree limb pruner or can borrow one. Whatever you do--you need to start from the outside of the tree branch and work your way in towards the center of the tree. <br />
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I'm hoping you have craigslist where you are or a neighborhood newsletter or listserv. Also--walk around your neighborhood and find where the cool guys live who have with the white vans with the ladders tied all over the place to them and the garage full of tools. What you want to do is start a barter network. What do you do that you would be willing to exchange for a favor. German's Chocolate Cake with Coconut Cream Frostings work wonders!!! <br />
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Also, network with other women homeowners. A group of us use to do a Honey-Do-List Circle. Every so often we would do a group pitch in on doing some house maintenance task. The work got done better and in a more enjoyable way. <br />
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Good luck and have safe fun!!

Thank you destiney24 & InviMan for your support. <br />
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InviMan I would never tie myself to the limb I'm going to cut down. That's ridiculous. Though I have thought about tying myself to the tree trunk, so if the ladder did fall, I wouldn't with it. <br />
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I don't have a high pressure nozzle, do you think a regular hose with a regular nozzle would work?

Thank you luvmc11, I hope so.

I am sorry for the situation that you are in. I am sure that you will find a reasonable solution soon. Stay safe. :)

I wish Philip was here too. I have tried asking a neighbor, like I said, they're too busy and there's no one to call. : ≠( Thank you for your sympathy its greatly appreciated!

My dear friend,i know how hard it is on your own.Its the help you need not the house you stayed in.I dont have a house and not rich but i believe there will be someone God will send to help us.Try your neighbour or call someone.I wish Philip was there.He is a very good handyman.