Mum Is Going 2 Potty Train Me & I Don't Want 2 Lose My Nappies. Help Me Please!

B4 I can even start 2 tell u my problem I must give u a quick explanation of how I got to where I am today.
I had a normal child hood & was potty trained at 3 ½ years but I still pooped my pants until about 5, but apart from that I was quite ordinary.
Average at schoo but I did wet the bed a lot and was put back into terry napies at 8 for a couple of years.
When I was 12, almost 13, I collapsed at school & was taken into hospital.
I was very ill, I had had a haemorrhage in my brain, afterwards I couldn’t talk or move at all but I didn’t know anything about it 4 at least 6 months, I can remember Mum & my sis's coming 2 c me & the nurses coming to wash me & wheel me into a day room.
After 6 months I was getting better but I still couldn’t move or talk much, & I had forgot how 2 read & write.
Mum cried a lot & it made me sad 2.
It was March when I went in but by Nov 2002  I  could talk only a bit & move myself about in my wheel chair, they had given me a real good weheel chair especiley for me & I liked it a lot.
I can remember that 1 morning the nurses were putting a nappy thing on me, I could feel them but it wasn’t like a real nappy but a strange thing, it looked like the shape of the number 8 & it went inside net pants.
I don't think it was any good as it leaked all over the place & the nurses would moan at me, I didn't like that.
I was let home for Christmas & the new year 2002/3 but had to go back in again on the 2nd Jan., but Mum insisted that b4 I came home she was given some proper nappies 2 put me in so that I didn't wee on the floor while I was at home, & she got them,.
So 4 2 weeks Mum put a proper nappy on me in front of my 2 sisters & I went red seeing Mum putting a nappy on me again, it was weired.
I didn't like wearing nappies then but at least these were better that those other things they use at the hospital.
I have an older bro & 2 sis’s, both younger, 1 by 2 years & 1 by 5 years, my bro is 3 years older than me  & lives in his own flat.
I was embarrassed to be seen by all the family that Christmas as I was now 13 but in a nappy, Mum didn’t even try to hide the fact & would tell everyone about how I was getting on well but still had 2 wear a nappy all the time.
Every one wanted 2 c me, even some old school friends came 2 c me & I couldn’t do much about Mum telling them & even showing them my nappies.
I went back in to hospital 4 a few more weeks while everything was sorted out ready 4 me 2 come home late Feb.
I didn’t go back 2 my old school but started at a special school where I am still going 3 days a week now. ( Mon, Tues & Fri )
There r 11 in my class & i like going 2 school, 2 of them, like me, need nappies, 1 is older than me so I don’t mind having my bottom changed at school becouse i'm not the only 1.
I was 20 on the 17th June this year & I got this lap top 4 my birthday & i'm getting 2 know how 2 use it & I like it, my sis's have 1 each & they show me things.
Over the last 7 years, I have got 2 like wearing a nappy & that is my problem.
Last year Mum & I had the usual visit every month from the district nurse but a new lady came in Sept & I didn’t like her, she told Mum that the hospital had said that I now was improving & had the mental age of an 8 year old & that an 8 year old shouldn’t still b using nappies.
It wasn’t good 4 me as I always had nappy rash when ever she came 2 examine me at home & it had 2 change.
She wanted Mum 2 try 2 potty train me & Mum agreed, but I wanted 2 keep using my nappies.
Mum tried but soon the potty training thing passed as I made sure I had lot’s of, so called, ‘accidents’.
Both Mum & my sis’s will change me, but I don’t like my old sis doing it as she always moans & hurts me, specially if I’m poopy.
I call her, 'old sis' because she gets mad when I do & I like 2 wined her up.
My little sis is very gentle so I don’t mind her doing it.
Later Mum told the nurse that I wasn’t ready & she would try it again but the nurse insisted that I at least tried 2 changed myself as I was old enough to do it 4 myself & it was unfair for my sis's 2 b asked 2 do it, Mum agreed & now I was shown how 2 do it myself.
I didn't mind but I couldn't see my bottom & got angry when Mum told me off because it was still dirty so Mum would come & help me.
It didn’t last long either as Mum got mad 1 day when I got both me & the floor covered with poop so much that it took Mum almost an hour 2 clean me & the room up, so she took over the job again & nothing more was said.
Last week the nurse came again & got angry with Mum & me because every time she came I was still in a nappy & was very red & sore, she told Mum that she must try harder 2 potty train me & recommended some ways 2 encourage me.
Yesterday Mum told me what the nurse had told her 2 do & that she would come in from now on every week 2 c how things were going with the potty training, & i'm not alloud 2 b put back into a nappy only at night, & that had 2 b stopped soon as well.
Mum has got me some pull up pants 2 wear during the day so that if I need a wee I can pull then down & use the toilet.
That way I don't have 2 ask her or my sis’s to help me, & that I must get compleatly dry b4 the holiday in Sept as she don’t want all the washing on holiday.
I thought it was going 2 b easy like all the other times Mum has tried 2 potty train me, some day I’ll tell u about it, it was fun wearing little shorts again, Mum said it was 2 save all the washing & I had great fun pooping & weeing myself on the chairs down stairs & I even did it once on a bus
I dit it several times in the supermarket as I got bored & it always took so long so I used 2 sneek off & wee in my short on the floor & 1 time I poop as well, the time I did it on the bus was the last straw 4 Mum & I was put back into nappies again after that.
But this time it’s different because Mum has told me that if I don’t get dry & clean by the holiday she will take my lap top off me & I can’t have it back until I’m out of nappies & using the toilet like other 8 year olds do.
I don’t want 2 give up my nappies but I need my lap top badly so what can I do? Please help as when we go shopping this week Mum said she is going 2 buy me some Dry nights shorts 4 me 2 use at night instead of my lovely bulky night nappies.
I think she’s serious this time. Help. DD.

I will put some pic's of how I get on with the potty training as I don't think I can keep myself clean or dry, even if I did want 2.
Watch my  'failed potty traing attempts'  folder in my pic's.

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Well all I can say is what do you want to do? You are 20 and from reading your story here I can tell you are more advanced than an 8 year old!! I'm a very bright person and although I might write things at times which make me sound younger I'm not. I'm sorry that you had a bad thing happen to you when you were younger. And by the sounds of things you coped well. But when reading your stuff there is no way an 8 year old would write like that or be able to form and reason ideas like you do. I'm not having a go at you...All I'm saying is, if you like nappies then keep wearing them. It's your life and you should lead it the way you want to. If you want to go back to pants then that's fine to. The final choice is yours and not some district nurse.