What To Do

I caought my husbond looking at teen **** the day after he took my granddaughters and their freinds boating 10- 16 years old. we have been together for 9 years and i never ever thought this was in his head.  when i confronted him on the web pages he was looking  at he looked like a deer in the headlights of a car.  later that night after many drinks we had a major fight i did threaten to harm him and he left.  the next moring the **** was still on the internet but when i got home from work he had delited it form our history and denied it,  i have ont seem him and he has taken over 2000.00 dollars form my busioness and our jount chicking account.
i was molested when i was 5 and i thought i had it all behind me do to thearopy.  it brought back such pain.  do you think that trhis was a one time thing and that i was wrong to get so upset.

barb22 barb22
Aug 11, 2010