Pretty Please...

I would like to know some of your favorite songs, with artists...I need help picking out some songs for a silly reason. I would really appreciate it. :)

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Oh I love 'Sleep While I Drive'...I like the original but that's just me :)<br />
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Oh you definitely rock it with 'My Immortal' GET IT GIRL! I'd be too scared to sing that, kudos to you

I love to sing Karaoke!!! A few of my favorites are...<br />
You can sleep while I drive by Trisha Yearwood<br />
Bubbly by Colbie Calliat<br />
Stay by Sugarland<br />
<br />
or when I feel like rockin' I sing My immortal by Evanescence

Thank you Fazer :)

Thanks! Right, the crowd votes after everyone has sang and as long as you make it another round you have a chance to win, I believe it goes on for two more weeks...yes it's a variation on that. :)

Yes any recording is out of the question...much too embarrassing. :)<br />
<br />
The place doesn't have a huge selection of songs but I ended up going with "Gimme One Reason" by Tracy Chapman. I sing again next week since I wasn't eliminated so I will be re-reading everyone's suggestions.

Oh absolutely not...Tha'd be awfully embarrassing.

hope we're gonna see a video of the performance ;-)

good point GoodGuy

maybe that will work good then Goldie, well practiced :)

Well my friends and family hear that from me all the time ;)<br />
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It is a good song. :)

"I Feel Pretty" Goldie :)

Thank you all again!

Black or Alive.. by pearl jam

Black or Alive.. by pearl jam

Good luck Goldie!!! Whatever you sing will be great i know it. Break a leg as they say in show bizness...lahaha....hugs sista. love ya.

Ok if you want to sing, sing what is in your heart, your passion, your soul and it will be good.<br />

No idea haha and I'm fixing to have head out to get ready for it.<br />
<br />
Everyone's suggestions are all so good.

Oh those are wonderful too. Thank you Owl and Bluegrass.

We've gotta get out of this place. <br />
Let the good times roll.<br />
Memphis Tennessee.<br />
Don't let me me be misunderstood. <br />
<br />
- The Animals.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Many songs as sung by Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holiday

Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac. Stevie still makes me breathless with that.

Thank you Fazer :) you've been a tremendous help

thank you glovelover those are good choices :)<br />
<br />
eggman: I'll youtube them right now, thanks

Yeah these are all great...a couple I haven't heard so I have youtube on another tab<br />
<br />
Journey: is it Metallica?

Oh I like all styles that's why I kept this story so general...those are all good too...thank y'all so much this is really helping

oh Huck I just listened to Alison Krauss to make sure I knew it and that is such a beautiful song...I just don't think I could sing it, her voice is so pure and lovely whereas mine is not.

I'll google it Journey, thank you :)<br />
<br />
oh Stevie Nicks is a great idea Marji!

Restless by AK

nothing else matters darn it cant remember who sang this sorry lol

Oh I don't know what I sing...I'm a novice if you could even call me that...

Goldie, do you have a vocal preference? Alto? Soprano type songs? That helps <br />
to narrow it down a bit more...

oh those are good ones Fun...I couldn't do Aerosmith, I'd be too giddy and wouldn't be able to make it through the song...I'll look up the vid now for you :)<br />
<br />
alison krauss is great Huck

oh I like that one Huck, thanks.

Or you could just break out any Aerosmith song and rock it that way!

If I Didn't Know Any Better by Alison Krauss

Have you thought about Angel by Sara Mclachlan? I am feeling melancholy today. I want you to post the video in your blog!!!!

You Are What You Love by Jenny Lewis<br />
<br />

I am supposed to sing in this little competition and I don't know what I'm going to sing tonight so I need ideas. :)

oh thank you Fazer, big Floyd fan?

Thanks Pure :)

I need more than one suggestion!

Okay James, which one? :)