hi why is its that somepoeple can't just say i need help? i was one of them i would never tell anyone that i need help or what i was felling,etc.but here's just something's i just cant keep to myself or anybody else.but what I'm feeling  is sadness,hopeness lifeless,etc will where do i start lets see my mama done me wrong with my dad that's where moat of my pain is coming form. how can i love someone else in i don't love me my boyfriend cheated on me the guy who I've been with for about 5 years cheated on me in now has in baby on the way with the women it's an boy she do the 27 of this month.we wont to work it out but how can you work it out with someone when thay done you like that?in you hope that it isn't his or,this may sound mean of me but I'm hurting but i hope that something happen to it i know that wrong cause it didn't ask to be in this world In i wont out i think bout killing myself i done cut my self I'm just at in place where i don't wont to be that's my story 
hammonds hammonds
18-21, F
Oct 20, 2011