I Need Help

I need help to decide how to live happy.  I need these depressing things in my life to go away.  I just want to be normal...... i need help to live.
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you WANT to live a normal life and you WANT to be happy. I feel the same way. i live a basic life but im just not happy. What has helped me alot is talking to people (in person). a therapist. Also you might really need some prescription pills. You might be against all of that...but seriously they make me normal and happy. And that is just what i need

I totally get where your coming from I used to sit and wonder when my life would get better and if I would ever feel normal, what is normal though?

Maybe councilling? Doing new things or things that you enjoy? Things will get better I promise that try keeping yourself occupied to blank out any negativity. Easier saying that done I know! Doing new things or things you enjoy will make you feel better :)

you know we can't help those depressing things in life to go away...but we can help how we think of it. Have you ever heard of the glass full or the glass empty? Think of the glass full as much as you can. In other words, there are many different ways to look at a situation and if you try to look at things positively,in time things will just go your way. I don't know how to explain it but I have seen this happen to myself and others. How we perceive life ..is how we live it. So, perceiving life as a horrible place, will make it so...but perceiving it as a place that you are totally in control of and can do anything in..will help. Don't let anything ruin your day..your day belongs to you, this is your life and you were born alone and will die alone..no matter how much family you have etc. the fact is that this is your life. I guess a starting question could be..who are you and what do you want out of life..and then go from there. And as far as being normal is concerned, there is really no such thing in my opinion. Plus, why do you want to be like everyone else? Maybe you have a special gift that needs to be expressed and that maybe because of that you are feeling turmoil. There could be lots of reasons...but first my suggestion is ..know yourself..be sure of what you want..and don't let anyone or anything stop you from achieving your dreams and your happiness... it takes self control and discipline and is hard...but its ok..thats life and we just make better people when we can achieve it

nobody can help you decide to live happy it's up to you to make that choice but ppl can help you along the way. 1st you need to find someone that you can talk to so you have someone to tell your problems to. and that person can give you advice. EP is a great place for this there are so many pp going through or have gone through the same thing your going through now. They are not judgemental and actually want to help. Since I have found this website I have met ppl to help me with my problems and I have helped ppl with theirs. I can vent here. Sometimes finding happiness relies on 1st having faith in the Lord(if your not a religious person at least have faith in yourself) 2nd stepping back and viewing your life as a whole and from a different angle. 3rd look at the things you have to live for and find happiness in that. Getting out and having a little fun never hurts either. If your like me you might always look at the negatives in certain outcomes and the negatives in your life you have to stop doing that. It's hard trust me I know cause from time to time I still revert back to that negative thinking but I keep working on it. another thing that might help is finding something you like to do and embrace it. I like to write and sometimes when I'm feeling down I put it all on paper and it makes me feel better. It's easier for me to say how I feel on paper then it is for me to actually say it. I wish You the best in your journey to finding happiness.

i really do understand how u feel. i am at the point and i am 45, where i have to LEARN again how to be happy, sometimes even saying that sonds so silly. I tuuk a leap of faith and decided to share thid with a friend of mine (he is like a brother to me) and btwn ourselves (mostly him) i AM going to learn how to be HAPPY again, and DO fun things again. Sadly this is a struggle for me, but he is VERY patient with me and PROMISES never to give up on our *mission*. Good luck with yours!!

I think if you take a look around here, you might find some people that really understand you and can give you the support and friendship that will help you get help! Welcome!