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As those of you who know me even reasonably well will know, I value comments on my stories very much.
However, a year ago I wrote a story entitled 'My Bookcase'. Now there is nothing intrinsically wrong with that story, but it was a lighthearted story that I wrote without a lot of thought.
Somehow it seems to catch the imagination of very many  people who read it, and consequently they leave comments. Comments which I am truly grateful for.
Now here's the thing though. I have written many stories from my heart, stories about my life experiences, about loves enjoyed, and loves lost, about heartbreaking events that have changed me as a person, about growing up, about, adventures and experiences that have made my life the rich, wonderful, terrible, laughable, rollercoaster journey that it has been.
I have sat here and thought carefully about how to best express a single moment of emotion, I have put my heart and soul into many of these stories.
I have been very lucky, all of the stories that mean a lot to me have been well received, and I have had an embarrassment of praise from all of my wonderful EP. friends.
So what you may be wondering is the problem?
Well I really don't want to seem ungrateful, because I value every comment that I receive, but, how is it that a lighthearted story about my bookcase, is once again vying for 'most commented on' story?
Now about that little four letter word, 'help'.
You can help me to believe that my bookcase is not in fact more interesting than my first kiss, or my story about Annie, or about being 'A happy man' or any of my memory's of living in the DOG House.
Then again this plea could of course badly misfire, and you could all comment even more on my bookcase.
'Linda less than met the eye' only needs a few comments to remain as most commented story, help me out here folks. Please.
AlmostAristotle AlmostAristotle 61-65, M 6 Responses May 21, 2012

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Oh ARI... Hugs. Although I'll admit I'm laughing. There is no rhyme or reason to which of our stories are "a hit." It might even depend on the one "right" person reading it... and their friends... And THEIR friends, etc. Have you pulled up highest rated stories lately? It is disheartening and depressing. It's not like it used to be. I used to be proud when my stories got rave reviews, but this doesn't qualify as a writing site anymore. And just so you know, when in pick a story of yours to read, it's entirely random as to which one I chose. But here's what I DO know, Ari. You are indeed appreciative of comments. oxo

Thanks Kath, and thanks for reading my stories. I have featured an old story that is one of my favourites from way back.
I do this from time to time, to bring old favourite stories to the attention of my newer friends.
Mainly because few people have time to trawl through all my old stuff.

;-) I'll go read it!

Try fighter out if I'm a boy or girl

My hand is on my I have had the SAME thing happen to me....I am glad someone else has had this same reaction to their numbers!!!! I thought I was alone!!!! Ahhhh the relief!

Read on hc. You'll find a few others who share our disbelief.

Ari, I have read a lot of your stories and I've enjoyed them, but I do sometimes feel unqualified to comment. If I'm going to comment I feel obligated to say something noteworthy, not just, "great story!", or "I agree". I'll try to be more chatty from now on, though.<br />
<br />
I know how you feel, I sometimes don't get comments on stories I think will get comments and the other way around. It's weird what people choose to comment on.

I think you answered your own question.
We cant help feeling a little intimidated by serious meaningful stories, and so we say nothing.
I find going back to that sort of story when I feel fresh and alert, it's oten easier to express myself then.

Aww Ari, I've read a good many of your stories and I can honestly say they all rock!! I like it when you bring one you're especially fond of up into the feeds...Then it is easy to find and read...I will check and make certain I've read the ones you mentioned tho. I LOVE all you write so it's always a pleasure!! ♥ <br />
<br />
I do think sometimes folks lean towards commenting on the more light hearted stuff....I think sometimes the deeper and more touching stories leaves folks thinking deeper thoughts and words might not be on the tip of their tongues. It works that way with me sometimes....

Your insight as usual is very astute.
Your wonderful jovial lighthearted nature, belies the powerful intellect bhind it.

Awww thanks and hugs Ari....♥

Isn't it funny how that goes? Maybe people just like to give advice and they feel comfortable giving suggestions about your bookcase! I'm off to comment on Linda!! .............

I think you nailed it.