This School Is Horrible.

I Want this school to be shut down, or at least investigated.

There is terrible violence, and atmosphere for these poor children.

I am a Student there, but no one believes me. This school has teachers that treat the students like trash, theres Metal Detectors. But everything gets in. Weapons such as knives, guns, etc. There is drug abuse throughout the whole school. Some teachers even give students drugs. ALSO There are teachers sleeping with the students, forcing them. Recently a Spencer from my school, an earth science teacher was exposed for sleeping with a student. But that's it nothing further, the school quickly terminated the News Papers, so no one could find out. Even with cameras in the school, People still have sex in the staircase, bathroom. Its Disgusting


I Want this school to change. badly. For the sake of the Children.



School Name - James Monroe Highschool, Located in the Bronx.


Monroe Academy for Business and Law.

Monroe Academy for Visual & Arts

Monroe Academy for World Cultures

Monroe Academy for Bronx Tech.


All Academies Located inside THE Monroe Campus

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3 Responses May 29, 2008

thats like my school minus sex in stairways, but people will hook up in them. We also don't have metal detectors but have had many people bring guns and bomb threats. it sucks but i am a senior and i will be going to a nice college.

Write a letter to the school board and your mayor .

whoa it sounds like a movie...