Help Me

Hi, i am a 14 year old kid in England i'm in year 10 in school and have just started my GCSEs and i am really depressed, first of all i like things organised and neat i love engineering but if i fail at anything or hurt myself i will become very frustrated and i will explode into rage and become completely hostile, now i am not horrible by nature and i know people will think that i am spoiled and to be honest i am spoiled by the love of my mother she loves me very much despite my anger. others might say well get therapy or go to an anger management class, well the simple answer is i cant afford it we struggle to pay for food and warmth let along stupidly high fees for some dopey over payed idiot to tell me i'm a good person when i already know i am until i get angry. the second reason i am so annoyed is that i don't have any real friends there is only one person and he should really be in year 1 not year 10 i would like to make this clear i don't act angry or stupid in public i would say that i am quite normal but not completely mainstream. i would really like for you to give me advice and feedback to help me make friends and control my anger in the comments section thank you i really do appreciate it.
aynnomous aynnomous
13-15, M
Sep 15, 2012