Need Help :/

Well I've always wanted to be in diapers again, I never felt I wanted to be an actual baby as in being in a crib, watching Elmo etc. I have wanted to wear a diaper just for the feel and the nice feel of pee in your diaper. The last time I actually remember weearing a diaper was when I was about ten my brother who was seven was still in diapers so I snuck one into my closet and tried it on, it felt sooo good I never was able to wet it I was to nervous if my dad found out he would be furious, my brother tried staying in diapers for a while but the only reason he was in them till seven is because of my mom, but she doesn't live here anymore I'm only with my dad and bro now. I've been trying to find a good way to get into diapers just for the wonderful feel I need help if I wet my bed etc my dad would probably punish me, if I sneak diapers though someone would find out , I have my grandpa uncle dad and bro living in my house even if I have privacy my dad doesn't want me out of the house unless it's to a friends house. If anyone can help that be great. Btw I'm 13 years old and the only reason i was able to writethis is because I'm writing this under my blanket on my touch...
Baabyboi Baabyboi
13-15, M
Sep 21, 2012