Im A Mess Barley Hanging On

Trying to make it, but cant quite make it on my own
Saw my therapist the other day. Was very upset b.c im struggling with a lot (depressed/ having extreme anxiety/ flashbacks, & other stuff) and am at college. She tells me im the only one who can help me after she convinced me to go to college instead of a trauma unit.
i cant do this.
i need help.
i told her im missing classes, cutting, i basically fell apart right there and put myself at her mercy.
and what did i leave with? ....

i need help! if i keep going on like this i will only get worse...
what do i have to do!? :'-(

i. need. help.
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1 Response Sep 22, 2012

Hey I'm random internet dude and as such I can't provide the help you need. But if you want I'm at least available for someone to rant at.

Although "you have to help yourself" has some truth, it's not entirely true. You need a good environment and support from others. You may need to find a different therapist. Secondly, try to find something on campus that you may have interest in. Even if you can't go all the time, a group which is involved with something you care about can be a huge motivator and good way to meet supportive people. I was into activist politics in college, and it really helped me out of some depression. Best of luck.