Negative Obssesion

Hello!I had this problem for like 3 months now.i am very very obssesed on the idea that my boyfriend is gonna live me for some stupid thing that i did in the past before even knowing him...we have been together for an year now and he is insanely in love with me and i love him too.but 1 month ago a finally told him that i have kissed a guy(before even meeting my actuall boyfriend) that we both knew and had him as a friend.I even let him know but did not tell him directly that we were friends at the time but did not tell him that it was more like a flirting kind of frendship.anyway he got mad for a while that i told him this secret after 10 months.and since then i am obbsesed with negative thought about me doing smth that may make him feel bad a leave me.i know it seem veeeeery stupid but trust me i am going crazy beeing afraid to remember things that i did in my past or even doing things now because i have to tell him everything or otherwise i get obbsesed with the thought....plsss help me how to get rid of this stupid obbsessions that are afftecting my boyfriend,my menta helath,my relationships and my work...i'm 25years old and mad that cannot contrroll even my brain!!!
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

yes well i cannot have sex during all the day

have sex when yr brain plays the trick. it can boost yr mood. yr bf will love it!