Im In So Much Trouble. Help Please!

ok so my friends smoke weed. but i have on friend thats a goody good and shes my neighbor. but someone has been telling my mom that one of my friends smoke and my mom has become really suspicious. yesturday, my friend and i were talking about it next to my friend. but that friend, ashley, is also friends with the goody good kate. And kates mom has been getting all her messages for a reason. Ashley had texted kate if she was the one that had told my mom that my friend smoke weed and her mom asked her about it. kate told me that she had to do some explaining but she didnt tell me exactly what she said. now her mom doesnt want her hanging out with me and her mom is going to talk to my mom. what should i do to fix this? i havent smoked or anything but its still scary for my friends.
xxlolaxx xxlolaxx
Feb 6, 2013