I Want To Make This Work, I Need Advice

I've been with this girl for a little over 3 years now. I love her to death, and we have great laughs and great fun times when things are ok. However, she has a terrible temper, and takes everything to heart. I tried sitting her down and explaining my feelings towards certain things but I cannot get across since she immediately becomes defensive, starts SCREAMING and tells me I'm wrong.

Have you ever been with someone where you are ALWAYS wrong and they are ALWAYS right? It's almost impossible to have a real conversation with her and it's slowly drifting me away.

She blames me for everything or blames other things for all of her faults. She criticizes me constantly how I'm not doing this, and I'm not doing that. All the while, she doesn't do ANYTHING she preaches either. I tried to bring that up to her by saying I'm not perfect and I may have flaws, before you preach me on what to do, you should better yourself also in regards to what you are preaching. She looks at me like I'm completely out of my mind. It's almost as if she's clueless that she makes the SAME MISTAKES as I do.

We are human right? We are allowed to make mistakes? She's the type if I don't agree with her, she's automatically ANGRY. We have a guest room in my condo, and our bed is kind of old. I suggested in the meantime let's switch the bed frame since we never have anyone over, (money is kind of tight right now, I just went through an operation, helping my parents pay off their debts which are over 40k, took a 50k paycut this year from my firm due to bad economy, and my old firm is coming after me for 38k for training cost they promised they would not come after). Without even asking me why, she starts SCREAMING WE ARE NOT TAKING THAT BED WTF!!! WE ARE NOT TAKING THAT BED. It's just impossible to talk to her.

We are not married yet, I have the engagement ring but I don't know anymore...Not sure if I want to marry someone who doesn't acknowledge my feelings or respect me enough as a human being to talk civilly with me.

I also get the feeling that she's completely sick of me, but staying with me to save her dignity from her parents and my parents. What do I do?

brokerdave brokerdave
26-30, M
Feb 9, 2013