i've been screaming for help for far too long and yet no one has heard me. and those who have, only hear a whisper and refuse to do anything about it. i know i cant always rely on other people to rescue me, but when is enough enough?
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Well, I don't think you shouldn't ask people for help when you need it, nor would I say I would help and reference phone numbers for other people that would just tell you things you'd already know.<br />
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I'm open to whatever. I give whatever is needed to anyone that needs it. Message me whenever you like, and we can talk.

I feel the same way. I know no one is perfect and everyone has problems so when I need to say something I don't because I think that will just add to the pile of someone elses issues, and no one wants that. So I bottle everything up, I know I know unhealthy. But you know if you ever do have a problem I'm here for ya. My pile has been full and toppling over for years, believe me I can handle it and you sound like you need to vent. Now, I am not saying it'll fix you but maybe the best way to start is to speak up, and if you don't want to pressure someone you know, then try speaking to someone you don't. I'm here for you, wether its just to vent or for advice. <br />
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It's enough when you decide to take charge of your life. You can't rely on others to fix you - just support you. and if the one's you are screaming for help to aren't hearing you then their are support groups for every thing you may need help for or a therapist. You need to say when enough is enough. I said the same thing just a few months ago and then realized that it's a hard decision but I NEED TO DECIDE THAT ONE. noone else is in my head and knows what I am going through. <br />
Please let me know if you want to talk.... I have been through just about everything, and can maybe help with some listening, advice, or whatever it is you want! =) I am here for you!

If help is what you truly want then help you shall have. E me for some sites/numbers that can guide you. They are there and no one can make you call... it's your choice. I've been living w/ the monster for years... running from it is hard, fighting it even harder... you have to decide. We all handle it in whatever way it works best for us... you just have to find your way.

my problem is, if i cant help myself, how do overcome it without the placing a burden on others? i DO NOT want others to feel as though they are required to help. how can i get help if i'm not strong enough as a person to obtain it myself? i really can not talk to anyone about my problems. it's not acceptable.

Nobody really likes to be screamed at. Better to ask for small favours and take graciously and gratefully what is given, I think. No doubt people sense that you want too much from them, so they offer nothing. And if you're looking for rescue and none is forthcoming, you are probably looking in the wrong places - don't ask of people what they can't give, or you'll only be disappointed. Look inside yourself first and see what *you* can do - it will ease the burden on any potential "rescuers". People are most reluctant to help those who refuse to help themselves, but the world will go out its way to assist those people who are not waiting to be rescued.

I've never been able to rely on anyone for what I went through. I just went through it.