I don't know what normal is anymore. Once you've done something for so long you forget what its like to be normal. As I sit in my bedroom tonight I don't know how to feel. I'm the child that shows no emotions. The strong one in the family. The one person that everyone can count one to be the strong. I've bottled up my feeling so much in the past three years I don't remember what it's like to feel emotions, but now that I sit on my bed without you I feel completely helpless. I can't fight the system for this. Facts are facts. What I think doesn't matter. But now I'm stuck in the middle of a battle that I'm afraid is going to turn into a war. I don't know which way to turn either ways hurts people that I care about. I don't know what to do.
spence96 spence96
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2014