In two days it will be 10 months with my boyfriend who I basically have been dating for over a year. Not counting our break though. And close to our 6 month mark my friends told me he cheated and I believed him and his friends. But now his friend called me saying he can't lie anymore and told me that he has cheated on me multiple times and he deserves payback for what he did to a friend. And I guess my boyfriend told some girl her boyfriend was cheating on her.. So Idk if it's revenge or if he did.. My boyfriend swears he didn't but I feel like he did.. But I have given him everything that i can't lose him.. He was my first and I was his too and now I hear he's had sex with another girl out of state. I'm so emotionless and heart broken.
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Please don't waist your life on someone who doesn't treat you as well as you deserve. My ex of SEVEN years would lie, sleep around, and even become violent towards me. I waisted the best years of my life on someone I feel nothing for now. There are seven billion people in this world and you can definitely find someone else. I promise. :)

Try to do some investigating on it.
If he is cheating he's not worth being with but if you really love him and he's willing to do anything to be with you let it be and try to look past it.

He always says he never did though and I'll ask "why would they make it up" and he said "I don't get why no one wants me to be happy" and say stuff how everyone tries breaking us up.. Idk /: