She Always Has to Say Something

Every time I think I have a moment of peace she always finds a way to ruin it. I can't go 1 single day without her saying a word to me. its like she doesnt want me to forget her or something. Im not her boyfriend or friend or anything so whats the point of talking to me so much........ why the hell does she find it necessary to even talk to me? I'm so annoyed by her voice because she seems to be an attention ***** and when I dont give her any attention she starts apologizing or she finds some way to bring up small talk or she pretends she needs something or she offering me some food...she has to go like yestersday...I cant even talk to someone else without her trying drop in on the conversation.

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I know she likes me but love seems a bit strong based on my experience with her. She ruined our friendship a while back and has since apologized. I never accepted her apology.<br><br />
She's a very observant person and I know she notices my body language when she is around. The thing is I know she dating someone now so why all the interest in seeing me everyday when your dating someone else?<br><br />
I do not look at her when I talk to her and if I do have to talk I keep it to 3 to 4 sentence at the most. I don't complement her when she dresses or looks nice. I know she wants me to say something but I don't want to give her the slightest ray of hope that I noticed. She even tries calling my name just to get me to turn around and look at her when she dresses nice <br><br />
I refuse everything she offers and I even make it so she cant do anything for me. I let her see that other people can do things for me except her.

Do not get me wrong I'm flattered but having to see everyday or once every 3 days is obsessive. Am I wrong for wanting to experience parts of my life with out having to see her for 3 days?<br><br />
Andrew I think your right on point on some of the things. she usually ask other people where they last saw me and then she seeks me out. <br><br />
Today she tells me Ive been ducking her for the whole week and she wants us to do lunch. I'm saying to myself WTF can you read between the lines? She smothers the hell out of me

yeah it does... she is crushin bad! you cant get mad at that! just tell her you're not interested.

Sounds like she has a crush on you...

Oh - people like this get on my LAST nerve. You have to be direct - tell her. grr this so irritates me too.