I Need Him Here

I need him home so bad. I am lost since the day he left. It's almost 8 months but i am not used to it yet. We've been separated so often in these 4 years but everytime I miss him more. It doesn't matter how much I keep myself busy everyday, my mind keeps going over there with him. I keep thinking about things we've done together and about all we could have done in all these months.

I am wondering how it will be when he will be back and I am scared. I am scared that things had changed in these 15 months. I am scared to find a different men. I can tell he's changed already. And I still remember all the stress we went through when he got back from his last deployment. I am wondering if I will have the strenght to go tru it again. I feel so wick and so hopeless sometimes.

valeriab valeriab
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 3, 2008

Hang in there - it will take time but the pain and loneliness will lesson

I know its hard, but you can do it. They will change and so will you after that long apart. But you love each other and you can make it through this. You will get the chance to rediscover each other and you will have plenty to talk about. You can do it.