In The End.

Well. Its my fault i guess.
I believe my baby's father still wanted something to do with me he kept leading me on.
I had a boyfriend named austin. I wasn't sure that we were gonna work out. so i was a BIG flirt.
then he got controlling.
I got called a ****, a *****.
I just wanted someone to love me
Not my fault my ex's made me think love = sex

Now that we've broken up time after time..
he's getting more controlling as i'm threatening to leave.
He made me lose all my friends.. i have no where to go

I finally escape i find someone i trust and try going for them.. all they wanted was sex.. they didnt want me
i cheated. im foolish. I am the *****. I am the ****.
I date someone who lived far away. never even flirted
Scared to say i love him. He was just an advice buddy.
when guys would try to get in my pants id say im taken.
yet i still slept (non sexual) with the same guy (austin)
I still loved him. he broke me out of my house.

the house where my alchoholic step dad was.
the house where he didnt hit me.. he used pressure point hollered to my face and
made me be the mom of his daughter
they were suprised how ready i was to be a mom.

When i talked to the LD guy.. Id get **** thrown at me id get punched while he was on the phone..
he would hang up he couldnt do nothing about it. im in tears austins screaming how im such a ***** and a **** and how im a huge flirt
and how could i jump into a new relationship like that

I find a note or two "Im soo Horny" "when can we kiss?"
I flipped out on him.
He said it was a suprised attack.
Truth is they were dating.. i got **** thrown at me and hit. screamed at till i was cuddled in a ball covering my arms ..

I ended it with the long distance guy
"everythings gonna be better lets start over forget everything"
i say okay.

Im texting the guy who cheered me up by kissing me while i was dating the LD guy..
And i get screamed at im not aloud to talk to any guys while his phones getting blown up by girls i defend my self..
for once. i give up i curl into a ball as he wails on me leaving bruises threatening saying if you dont hide them i swear you wont see tommarow.

this goes on for about a week..
Im still with that guy. Im still stuck. He doesnt hit me no more. But he threatens to go against the court calling me a bad mother to try and get my daughter taken away.. saved messages in a email or so he says. Im scared to leave. Everyones trying to kidnap me if he finds out. he'll beat the **** out of me.. still to this day .. im being emotionally abused.
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1 Response May 14, 2012

Wow you need a guy who will raise your daughter as his own and show you how you should be treated. You shouldnt be whated only for sex look at you your very beautiful have amazing eyes and a cute smile and seem like your fun to talk to. Any guy should what a girl for her not what between her legs and on her chest you need go date somome who will show you how you should be treated and you should leave that **** for good . A man should never hit a girl thats just wrong.

Im back with my first love. Hes done left me multiple times over stupid things. But you can see that he loves me. And there was more to that story that i actually told on here.. it got graphic. It was scary.

That ******* guy doesn't deserve a girl like you I hope this guy treats you right

He should of been beat to near death for what he dod