I Need Hope

For the past 6 or so months, I've pretty much devoted my life to helping my best friend who has been suffering with depression. He's basically all I think about... I worry about him like crazy and always try my hardest to be there for him when he needs me, and to try and make his life happier and easier. Only problem is that his girlfriend pretty much hates me because I spend lots of time with him.. but he doesn't talk to her and he needs someone else.. so I've tried to be there for him to keep him alive. I've saved his life a few times already, and she still doesn't care.  So now it's the end of the first week of school holidays... it's Saturday and I haven't seen him, and have barely spoken to him since last Sunday because he's been with his girlfriend all week.... now he's not talking to me and I'm feeling like his girlfriend has finally managed to turn him against me. I just feel so... worthless at the moment... and I really need some encouragement or hope in my life. 
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2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Sometimes we can give our All to a person who does not return the same to us. IT IS VERY DISAPPOINTING AND MOST OF THE TIME...ALL ABOUT THEM.<br />
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There are givers and then there are takers. You obviously fall in the taker (caregiver) bracket..<br />
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I would suggest that you do not fret over your friend any longer. You have given your all and he is obviously caught in the middle between you and his girlfriend.<br />
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Give it some time and start to live for yourself again. If he is a true friend and not just a taker, he will be in touch.<br />
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Good luck!

U have done some that u need to do as a friend....<br />
and as u know he really love someone u need not disturg them...<br />
its not ur fault to fall in love with him. but u need to hide feelin n feel no jelous... true love always make sacrifices dear................