Why Me?

I'm 16 years old. I'm seen as the popular pretty girl that everyone wants to be. Everyone but me. Everyday I wake up with so much energy and hope, but by the end of the day, I'm depressed and left feeling worthless. I feel so alone all the time, even though I am constantly surrounded by people. No one understands that I'm unhappy with my life, and suicidal. Many people say they are my friends. But how many of those people can I honestly go to for help, for encouragement, or just to pour my heart out? I wasn't loved enough by my family as a child. I was often neglected, ignored, compared to my amazing brother, and even beaten. So I take the love I never got, and I make sure that every other human being out that gets that love. But still, I stand here, waiting for someone to love me. I just want someone to be there for me.
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I think you need to seek treatment for your depression. Even if your family are ***** about it you need to take care of yourself. I see a therapist on a regular basis (along with meds) and it helps.

I see a Psycologist once a week but my parents hate it. They are from Europe and don't believe in depression. They would never let me take meds.

If you would like to talk to anyone, I'm always here, and you can talk to me about anything, and I won't talk to other people about it. I know how you feel.
Just inbox me if you would like to talk !
hugs to you !

Thank you so much! It means alot to know that I have someone to talk to!

i can relate and i am 54 years old.

i agree with proudmommy4... its is doesn't matter how many people love you when you love your self. write down also what you like about your self and remind you of that everyday. When you realize that you are actually not worthless at all.. that's when the change takes place. Pick the right people to be your friends, friends that don't drag you down or put expectations on you. you have enough expectations at home, and im sorry about that. There are good ppl out there who im sure would be willing to sit with you an listen to your heart aches and what not :). If you respect and love yourself... the right people will respect and love you back! God Bless.

Thank you so much. I wrote sticky notes with things that I like about myself and I put them around my mirror. It really helped!

I understand how you feel. I was in the same place many years ago. I was neglected emotionally (not physically) I was always compared to my brother and sister. They were always so much better than me. They couldn't do no wrong where as I did everything wrong. I also tried to be the person there for everyone and no one seemed to be there for me. No one seemed to care enough to love me. I was seriously depressed and suicidal. I can tell you that suicide is not the answer. Try and find at the end of the day something that you are thankful for. Write it in a journal or something and then you can go back and read it. you will be surprised at how you feel later on. But you can't make someone love you. You have to try and love yourself. That is the only thing you can do. I hope this helps.

Thank you so much! You have inspired me to love myself!