The Eyes of the Beholder...

How do you tell someone they look bad? Does it matter the choice of words? Or if they seem to have your best interest at heart? Does any of it matter really? Is the message always the same...."you look like **** sweetie." Can a male take this opinion in easier than a female or does the sting hurt just the same? Why is it when someone expresses genuine concern for your mental or physical state, the first instinct is to take offense? The person of concern can't even bare to look into a mirror but cannot BELIEVE what they just heard when truth is told. How do you tell them? How do you tell someone what to see through there own eyes? To look into the very eyes that despise them? The very eyes that truely knows them? The eyes that glare at them when they look into that mirror? Can you lift up someones eyes, show them that the eyes they fear to see are the same eyes that can give them hope? That'll show them the broken heart that needs tending, the inch or two under the neck 8 glasses a day could cure? Or show them the smile that they have been looking so hard to find...the very eyes that knows the true nature of thier soul. How do you reach out? How do you tell someone you love to look in the mirror? Look past what they are and see who they are?...
Toshamaye Toshamaye
22-25, F
1 Response May 22, 2007

<i>Look past what they are and see who they are?...</i><br />
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Often I have tried this game with partners and friends. Pick out a person whom you believe physically resembles you (or have your friend do it). Go back and forth until you can get a better understanding of how the perceptions vary. You'll be amazed how a person sees themselves. Once you nail down <i>approximately</i> how they view themselves, you can begin to help.<br><br />
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Remember, though, all language is imperfect. Friendship, compassion, and actions all help us see one another through better understanding.