i feel completely empty, like if i knocked on my chest there would be an echo that sounded like a taunting laughter saying that im nothing and stupid and that i should die. my dad left and joined the army, it hurt alot , but not because he just left also because ho CHOSE to leave. i dont like to trust people because DUH people trust their dads in life its just something you do. but he left and it wasnt like when other people leave like your boyfriend or best friend its your DAD. he basically slapped me emotionally in the face. it hurt too much and i was shattered into a million pieces , but thats not the worst part , no one was there to pick up the pieces.i had to do that by myself and all alone. i wish someone could help me pick them up and put them all back together.  i cant love anyone else because there is a possibility that i could be broken again , because all of the glue and love in the world could not put me back together.

Feb 26, 2009