I Need Someone to Talk to

 I am single Dad with 4 kids I feel my  life coming apart  I feel overwhelm and stressed out.I need someone to talk to.I work and everything is so hard and stressful

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4 Responses Jul 24, 2009

sorry I was no help, no money makes it hard. the last comment sounded helpful though, get the little ones to help out. I teach, you would be surprised what little kids understand. They may help take a load off you. Anyhow, I hope things lighten up for you, school should be starting soon. best wishes.

I agree with all trojan12 said here, but I want to add a little, run your house to a routine, (think army camp) allow you children to help where they can and get them to bed early, so you have the evenings for you, a little time without little people is essential.<br />
How lucky your children are to have you... what a wonderful Dad you are and clearly an exceptional person...<br />
hang in there, take care of you and breath.

no help what so ever have no money for nothing

I feel for you man. I am not in your shoes but can understand. Is there somewhere you could send your kids for a couple of weeks this summer? Camp, grandmothers house or another family member? Could give you some time to catch up with your own needs. how about hiring a babysitter a couple nights a week so you can relax?