Between A Rock And A Hard Place.

I'm in a tough spot right now.  My husband (a pilot) lost his job a year ago, and now we are scraping to get by. Currently he's employed at a call center and I'm babysitting from home. We got married and had children at a young age and I never finished school.  I find myself trying to think of ways to bring in more money but I'm at a loss. I really feel stuck.  My children are young, and just starting school.  How do I work my way around this place I am in?  How do I do what is best for my family?  How do I keep hope and happiness in our home if I can barely scrape enough up for myself?.

We've had a bit of interest by a few employers as far as flying is concerned, but nothing has worked out.  I feel like we are just waiting--- waiting---waiting.  I cry and I pray that things will get better, but in some ways-- things are getting worse. My husband is constantly depressed and one of my children is suffering from nightmares and is always upset.  I want to help them, I want to help myself.  How do I do that?!  How do I have the faith that everything is going to work out?  How do I find my little piece of hope when things that I have hope for don't work out?  How did we get to this place?


littlemommaem littlemommaem
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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

Organize, and do not jumble all the problems together. The profession that your husband has is fantastic, but need to search the country. Loving a place does not pay the bills so consister a major move to where he goes. Yea, he may have to leave before you and the kids, but that is only temperary.