I Need Something to Hope For

I've grown sick and tired of the dishonorable, gutless, selfish, shallow people in this world.  Barack Obama is turning this country into a communist pit of misery, hopelessness and death.  The thirtysomethings in this world only care about their bodies, cheap sex, murdering their babies in their wombs, and status symbols and designer clothes.  Politicians lie, cheat and steal and sell out their constituents a thousand times a day.  Lawyers have ruined everything.  They are satan-spawn, pure evil.  If every lawyer in the world was killed instantly, this planet would improve 5000% overnight.  I'm so sick of the craphole this world has turned into.  What is there left to put one's faith, one's trust in?  What is there left to hope for?  If there's anything, that evil Barack Obama will find it and kill it. 

stsomewhere stsomewhere
Mar 26, 2009