How much money does one person need to live with basic necessities. By basic I mean a small apartment with water food electric clean clothes etc. I am thinking about moving out, I just don't think I make enough to do it. I live in northeast Ohio so cost of living is certainly lower than average. I'm I just want a ballpark estimate To see if I come close. I make minimum wage at about 25 hours a week, plus some side money from working with my father. I have some money saved up. But not enough to make a significant difference. I will need internet for school too, but not necessarily top of the line internet. No cable. I eat cheaply. If you don't think I could do it alone, could I possibly do it with another person, who has a slightly smaller income. We would obviously need more space.

I have looked and asked around for answers to these questions, and I haven't found many good ones. Thanks
Lateralus07 Lateralus07
22-25, M
Aug 30, 2014