I Need Intelligent Or Witty Conversation

I enjoy conversation with others when we are debating current affairs or history.  We don't necessarily have to agree with each other, but I do enjoy a spirited debate which doesn't decline to base name calling.

There are some members here on EP who are gifted with witty banter.   Freeed is one of these members.  I always enjoy reading stories like his, and I often read his answers to Q&A, always good for a laugh.

I don't profess to be any brighter than anyone else, I love to watch documentaries and Google search for information to increase my knowledge.   I enjoy quiz shows to test my knowledge and find out areas I need to explore further.   Learning is an adventure in this technological world.....no  longer do we need to trek to the local library and rely upon outdated books !

YouTube is also another avenue for information.  Videos about anything from solving complex Physics questions to how to clip your cat's claws.

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2 Responses Aug 1, 2010

Me and my friends would debate alot of stuff when we was teenagers. I rememner it as alot of fun. Once you get into the conversation it can get really deep.

Yes it is good to *fuel* the mind and stay alert