Basic Janitor Job

I got a job online once thru Craigslist just by telling the person! Wow thats right by me!.

It was a job cleaning up after hours an office,mop,trashcans,etc

Some guy near my age of 50 asked me why someone who had some intellect,

commonsence and enuff drive &energy to do what i was doing for the price i was getting paid,

would do this instead of something(like him) selling people some product or another!

I told them i considered Salesmen to be liars and i didnt lie!

Why are you doing this he asked?

I replied" it pays the Cable"

Pride is a confusing issue for me,ill clean toilets and scrub floors but i wont

kiss butt,take demeaning chatter from an employer or shift mgr.

Working for a living and standing up for yourself are 2 diffrent things to me!

Work hard but always be true to your Heart!

ive slept in citypark in neworleans in a tent&sleeping bag while i cooked at a nearby restaurant!

i was comfortable!...did 1 of those bronson acts for 5 years,80s you could drift and find work!

not anymore...hold on to what you got,familys closeup and support each other...

the older you got the less most of us have to offer.

thats my 2 cents..


Rimfire2 Rimfire2
56-60, M
Mar 9, 2010