Why I Can't Find Love ???

every time i look around i feel like there is something missing in my life something i see all the time but i can't do anything to get it coz its something u can't have it when u need it ,it just happen to u and i think there is some thing going wrong with me coz i can't find it yet no matter if i am waiting for it all my life or not .but i really missing the true love in my life someone makes me feel happy ,i miss my happiness ,i know i am looking for special someone but how is it possibly that i can't find my special woman all those years ?some times i feel like i really meant to be alone and that giving me unhappy life every time i look around and find myself alone .
mgarhy mgarhy
26-30, M
1 Response Feb 25, 2012

i may be a bit late to reply, hope things got.better for you since that time but i only would like to share with you a simple thought: in our lives we cant control our surrounding but we can control our actions... so enjoy every second of your time and sooner or later ull se that light will shine on others and will guide them to you... Till than, Dance like no one i watching...