There Are So Many Things That ...

There are so many things that I need and have needed in the past that I struggled desperately for.  At one point, my hair was down to my waist because I couldn't afford a haircut.  Believe me, I loved looking at my hair from my own eyes, but when I saw myself on video or in pictures, it was awful.  Currently, I need a new wardrobe for an office setting.  I need medicine.  I need to visit doctors and get conditions taken care of.  I need a furnace.  And a hot-water heater.  I need to go back to college and finish my degree.  But that's not going to happen... not with the part-time bullshit job I have now.
theophania theophania
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1 Response May 10, 2007

Its funny this country, I have a ton of rx pills I cant take while others could use them. The law says I have to dispose of them instead of sharing. Makes me mad we cant self subsist a little. im sorry about your hair. being poor hard to feel pretty. I hope things look up soon