After a work week like i had.. all i want, need is to have a ME time. I have served, cleaned, cared for everyone, things, responibilities, chores, whatever! My four legged kids are needing my attention... and all i wish is ... to do as i want for me. ..and that is to sit still and enjoy my computer... certain folks and .. drink my coffee.. just be!

It's in my nature anyway... I am one that "needs" me time to recharge, reconnect with Me. So....it's all about what I want and need... right here and now! *smile*
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2 Responses Apr 21, 2012

After a little food, water and stokes those four legged kids can lay near you while you enjoy your cofffe and conversation. Unless of course they are feline then they may be laying on you and the computer or keyboard. My Chesapeake Bay Retriever (90 pounds or so) helps me type by laying his head on the keyboard. Be what it may enjoy your Me time.

yup...looking around the room, they are surrounding me, sleeping... done just that ...feed them all a treat, can food and milk... their tummy at loaded and they sleep now! lol.. it's all quiet here now. Thank you, have a good weekend. blessings to ya!

You have a case of the caregiver blues, I know the symptoms! Bless you! :-) Hope you nab yourself some ME time soon.

i am not complaining but explaining! *smile* it's my nature to care.. i give in life my all. but it has been a trying work week and... yup.. i am enjoying my me time.. my legs are crossed like an indian and my coffee and cigs are by my side...oh and my music is jamming on down. it's cool and raining off and on... so... today is my day of nothingness. Thank you hon! i hope all is well in your world. ...you are so full of love and grace.. i bet you know all about needing me time.. don't ya? Take care Blessings to you!

We have "good things" in common! :-) Yes, I do know all about it and I thank you my dear, what kind words. Blessings!