Once again i fell for the *******. This time is goodbye for good . I tested him and appearantly he wasnt serious. I realized these past two years was just wasted on pure idiotic games of cat and mouse. This cat aint trying to get the mouse anymore . He can find the cheese to his life . I am sorry but its true.

Having me go through the whole situation of him getting engaged with his ex, getting married with her and then getting a divorce within 3 months . Somehow i understood where he was coming from even if it meant alot of pain . Pain emotionally and physically i was drained. At last I decided to open up to him finally and he decided to turn me away.

I tested him and he failed . He didnt know it was me but thought it was another girl . I know the game he is playing and im done playing it . Somehow i knew i can breathe again knowing that I put my everything for him . But i guess he wanted to do his thing ...

This is the time when i think i need tome alone . Time alone to think about life . Im wasting precious time on some idiotic guy who cant make up his damn mind about his life . All i know is that if we are meant to be fine but i aint pushing shot for now because so far im fed up entirely on this jackass's game lol . Im just ******* done .

Need time to connect with my roots and my faith again somehow ...
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wait who's the cheese? D: