Recharging The "me" Battery

Sometimes I just like to get away from everyone and leave myself some time to think. I can't handle it if I can't keep to myself for one time a day. It would be kind of painful. Sometimes it's like a side effect, I start crying. Sometimes I don't know why, sometimes I do. But it just happens and it's confusing but odd. It's like a paranoid kind of thing. But it's natural to me. I just don't think I could cope with bottling up things. I need to wash away my feelings at the time, otherwise I can't go on. Maybe others feel like this. But it's quite odd how I feel like I'm different to everyone. I'm...not special but more abnormal...

If anyone else feels like this please let me know. I won't be to alone then, maybe I'll even be able to relate to you...

Thank-you guys xx

freedomallgone freedomallgone
18-21, F
6 Responses Nov 26, 2009

I dont believe anyone to express my problem. I hate people seeing me with symphaty. I hate the poor girl image. Crying alone watching the birds flying.. have a nice dream wishing the next day is a new beginning is my all time remedy.But how long?

Same here! I like my people time. And I like my "ME" time! Unwind, and regroup. And as to crying... that's a cleansing! A mental or spiritual cleansing! No shame in all that!

Yes, I feel that way too. Every day I need time alone or I could not cope, no matter who the company is. I'm always thinking about things and need to digest my thoughts.

You do the right thing, it is not abnormal at all, it's completely normal, enjoy your time with yourself and never give it up

I really feel where you're coming from and can definitely relate to needing me time to recharge.<br />
<br />
I'm by nature a social person I love being around people and conversing, going out and doing social activities. But that's just one side of me. <br />
Sometimes I just really need to enclose myself in my personal space away from everybody and lose myself in a good book or have some time to contemplate my thoughts. I always hope people understand and don't think I'm being weird, I just really need time to gather my thoughts, have some peace quiet and serenity and recharge the energy that's been drained.

Why is your nickname "freedomallgone"???