Thought I'd share my story here too, originally in a comments section of this community (which I'm so glad exists):

I'm by nature a social person I love being around people and conversing, going out and doing social activities. But that's just one side of me.
Sometimes I just really need to enclose myself in my personal space away from everybody and lose myself in a good book or have some time to contemplate my thoughts. I always hope people understand and don't think I'm being weird, I just really need time to gather my thoughts, have some peace quiet and serenity and recharge the energy that's been drained.

What reactions have people got to needing this alone time (from family members, friends), do they understand?

HalcyonGeisha HalcyonGeisha
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3 Responses Nov 27, 2009

you know i think many people do this so no worries!! plus i think its the right thing to do!! xx

I often feel my behavior is incorrectly labeled negative too.<br />
Maybe seen as stand-offish and the inability to make an effort to go out and do something. Without the time to myself I would be a much unhappier person and definitely wouldn't have the energy to interact.

on the opposite spectrum, I am not a social person, though I am around a lot of people. It takes a lot out of me to try to socialize as they expect me too. My alone time is seen as a negative thing by other people and is not respected and thus I never feel like myself. The only people who have understood this are my mother and a polar-opposite-personality in high school. Others misinterpret my quiet and alone behavior as negative and as an "attack" toward them.