And I Needs It Noooow Please

Seems going to the doctor over and over again is pointless, so I figured I'd post this experience group in hopes that we can all come together and help each other out with our medical problems - the ones the doctors aren't doing much about.

Note: I have always had issues with digestion. For the past five years I have experienced pain from simple things such as acid reflux. For the past year, the symptoms have gotten progressively worse and have connected to a number of other issues.

History: Thyroid cist and Circular stomach (meaning food would enter my stomach circulate and come back out through the mouth) at the age of 3. The prior suggests possibility of immature muscle growth while the latter suggests merely any number of digestive problems.



- Muscle tension (and spasming) from anus up to right side of abdomen, throat, inner shoulder, and jaw line.

- Pain under right side ribs in back and front abdomen

- When above occurs, a pain shoots up the right side and into my throat (feels like spurting, could be ulcer?)

- When most tension and pain occurs, there is usually a swollen lump under my right cheekbone, mucous and congestion all AND ONLY on the right side: in right nostrel, in ear, in throat.

- Swollen lymph glands on right side.


Please, any thoughts would be appreciated. I have been seeing the doctor at LEAST once a month - if not twice a month - for the past year as symptoms are getting worse.

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4 Responses Mar 5, 2010

Yeah they said it's nothing. I am perfectly healthy and it's all in my head.. which is complete BS. I coughed up blood for chrissake... the side of my face is numb my throat is constantly pained by the spewing acid of whatever the fork is under the right side of my ribs. I've seen three different doctors and went to the hospital yesterday crying because I can't handle the pain anymore and he told me to walk.. to WALK for chrissake.. like I sit on my *** and do nothing all day long and that's why I'm in pain.... sure.... :(

I have acid reflux and ive suffered from bulimia and other eating disorders all my life.The doctor said i was born with a enlarged esopagus and i was wondering have you been checked by a doctor who specializes in eating disorders?or it could be your nerves or stress just a possibility from a friend who is concerned.

You might be allergic to a common additive to food. You could be straddling the allergy line just before "hosipalization if you eat it." Have someone screen you for common food allergies (glutten, natural flavor, nuts, etc).<br />
Also, are you going to the same doctor every time? All doctors are not created equal (don't tell them I said that.) If one can't figure it out, go to another, and another, and another... Directly ask them if they screen for uncommon ailments, or if they only do off-the-shelf type of diagnosises.

UPDATE: I have also lost over 45 pounds since the symptoms have worsened. I am constantly fatigued and the pain that I feel all over my right side has made me progressively depressed.