This Is Not Where I Should Be

I work as work provides the support for my study, which I want to use for something else, yet am being then trained in a completely different direction.  The movement is slow and I feast on what I can find out but know that I have to start here to gain the experience that 'other's would give their right arm to have'.

I go home, conversation remains deep in topics that do not interest, friends speak only of 'do you remember when' or how good ol' flutter used to be the one that could hold her drink best, be the most random person, and how she left them all to move to the city.

Television is filled with reality tv show whilst people sell their dignity and the sadist in us delights in watching others fall, as we watch them 24 hours a day.  Most music is based on covers.  Most literature based on chick lit and reverts back to 'simplyfying' classics or retelling them in modern day - I am sorry, Heathcliff could not exist today, he would be institutionalised.

Those that attempt deep conversation are regarded as strange or referred to as 'a swot' or 'someone who knows too much for her own good'.

And that is why I live here

People that can talk about more things than the weather and who was voted out of some random jungle last night as a celebrity contestant.  People that can relate, talk of their experiences rather than giving one sentence brief explanations.

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4 Responses Feb 10, 2009

So, how's the weather there?

Someone else who isnt into reality tv. Cool

Someone else who isnt into reality tv. Cool

hear hear =]