Operation Reunite

Hello. My name is Bobby. I met my wife will serving in the Air Force while stationed in South Korea. She was working in a bar outside the base and was very shy and I could tell she had been crying. We sat and talked and I listened to her story and the more I listened I pieced together she had been a victom of human trafficing from the Philippines to Korea. We talked for some time and then fell in love "the way it always hapens". Some time after we had become serious her father passed away. I had to "purchase" her freedom for she could finally go back to be with her family during their hard time. I then becamse the sole provider of her family. We were married over one year ago and we haven't seen each other since due to the restrictions of her country. I have been actively trying to finishing paying for her visa as well as my step son but I no longer have the funds to do so. I have just been told I am to be seperated from the military in Jan. I need to have her visa finished by feb or all the hard work I have done will be for nothing. I have already spent over $20,000 helping the poor in her hometown and her visa together. My little brother has mad a website trying to help me in my time of need. There is a video my wife made showing the surrounding area of her family's house to show what I have tryed to help with. If you would take a moment to look at the site and read my full story maybe you will know someone who could help me.http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/225971?a=774467 I hate begging for help but that is my option. I have taken as many loans as I can and since I will soon be unemployed I fear I may be fileing unemployment and bankruptcy which will negate her visa aplication instantly. Thank you for your time and God Bless the USA.
thejeanses thejeanses
22-25, M
Sep 9, 2012