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I Suppose Most People Say They Need Money....

..but I was never really to worried about it until my dad died. He didn't have a will, my mom is stuck having to work two jobs now to pay the mortgage on their retirement house that they just bought a year before he died. I don't really need money for me, well in the long run I guess it would be for me too. But I would somehow like to get the money to help my mom and my husband's parents pay of their mortgages. I know my mom would feel a lot better about her getting older and her medical bills and stuff if she didn't have to worry about the mortgage too. And my husband's parents are always strapped because they are trying to keep their home business afloat and they are nice enough to pitch in for us when my salary and my husband's disability just don't cover all the costs. I am going to seriously have to start looking for a second job once I get my sleep troubles straightened out.
katnipkitkat katnipkitkat 41-45, F 1 Response Jul 7, 2011

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Hello, I am Jazz, a member of MCA, or Motor Club of America. I'm terribly sorry to hear about your situation, and I certainly know how you feel. I had the worst money problems before joining MCA, and now all of that is gone! I have over $150,000 in benefits, ranging from auto to life, and I get paid via direct deposit every Friday. On average, I earn $600-$2000 weekly! It really is a wonderful program, and all I do is advertise on sites like this! If you're interested, contact me. If not, I do hope you find another way to solve your issues!

I would rather live in a tent in the really dirt part of under a bridge before I resorted to being a sales troll. I don't know how you people can live with yourselves scamming other people dry just to fill out your own pockets.

Woah, jeez! Easy! No, I get what you mean, but you literally just need to take five seconds to Google MCA and you'll see that it's one of, what, three things that aren't actually trying to screw you over. It's been around since 1926, it's a legit company. At this point I don't care if you do or don't sign up, just check look it up. You seriously don't even need to click on any links if you think this is nothing but a scam. I know I'm a complete stranger and you have no reason to trust me, but I promise you that this is completely real.

Dude! You already sales pitched me, which is why I got hostile.

Alright, I'm sorry if I've seemed scammy or asinine. But the reason I'm going to people like you is not just to earn money for myself, but I am genuinely trying to help people. This really is an actual company, and the $150,000 in benefits range from auto to health and hospital. It's quick and easy, and I want to help as many people as I can. If you're still not interested, I'll leave you alone, and I apologize for taking up you time.

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