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Hello My story begins in one autumn day when I went into one office to share, after I had settled all things standing in the lobby, and the documents are risen one girl asked for help hold the baby while she pays something there, so I did not know what it end, I agreed. she left after a short time brought the boy in the wheelchair, at first I was a little in shock, after she left, I looked at the boy again, and saw a smile on his face. over me a strange feeling these kids so hard to have, but they want to be happy, and then I began to notice how many of them, and I had a great desire to help them. After all, they also have someone to help? After that I started to collect documents on the creation of a small care center, the administration has allocated a room and some money collected back to the township. At first everything was fine, but then there are problems. Become leaky roof and found a problem in the sewers. in general, we still need about $ 10,000 if someone want help will be happy, because they have someone with CAA or lost theirs faces smile, because they rely on us. Thanks to all who read and who decided to help.
Sorry if misspelled.
for those who wish to help

Address 16 Lva Tolstogo str., Moscow, 119021, Russia
Account 30109840600000000866
Bank of beneficiary Russky Slaviansky Bank, SWIFT: RSLB RU MM
Intermediary bank Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, SWIFT: BKTRUS 33
Payment details Account 30232840400000000002 Payment for userid 410011662070674

mastercard 5213 2437 5209 9075
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Nov 27, 2012