I Want To Be Cared For Not Just Acknowledged.

I have a man that loves me .. he does.. I know this with out a doubt ,, the problem is .. he does nothing toshow it.. we have sex that is textbook... we watch movies together that he picks .. he does not acknowledge my friends or my life .. he does nothing for me when i am sick except ask if I'm ok and bless him he 'll cook for him self and if I bring any of this up he says either babe you know I love you or what do you want me to about it ... or the all famous .. your over reacting. I miss being touched non sexually, I would love to go on a date with him. I really get lonely because I work from home and when he gets home he just wants to rest which means no conversation not that i have anything of intrest to him to say anyway. I would love for him to just love me . I don't wanna leave him.. he's a good man .. I'm just wish he could give me something to go on.... like a hug.
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Jul 26, 2010