Free Time

I need more excitement in my life.  Every time I have free time or am off from work, I don't know what to do with myself.  I would like to go on a vacation, but with tough economic times and money issues, it is not possible.  I want to do things beside sit/lie in bed all day watching tv or being on my computer.  I want to keep my mind busy by going to work and seeing my client, but with my new job I am on a break for the Holidays.  I mean once in a while it is ok for me to do nothing and lie in bed all day.  But the pressure of keeping busy and earning money (to put it another way) can be a little overwhelming.

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2 Responses Dec 22, 2009

Oh, silly me, I forot to mention my hobbies. I have 3 I like to do. I like playing tennis, going kayaking, and I take up boxing lessons 2x a week. I enjoy listening to music as well. When I was younger I used to play the piano, viola, and ukulele. I do have a Wii I play with once in a while, but the games get boring to play with if I play with it over time.<br />
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It was just yesterday I felt completely hopeless and sat in my room the majority of the day with the tv and computer on. I was lazy and just couldn't think of anything to do for myself.<br />
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I was thinking of going to the spa to pamper myself TODAY, but instead I went out to shop at Costco in the morning and then I wanted to just relax again at home.

You need .....drum roll....a hobby.<br />
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Now don't laugh. Every one needs something to do that is different from the rest of their lives. Make it big (sky diving for example) or small (knitting maybe)<br />
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What did you enjoy doing before you got so busy? Do you want your time to be filled with activity or do you want to sink your mind into problem solving or other quiet activities?<br />
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Anyway - good luck. There is so much to do in the world there is no reason to be bored. Just pick a project - go see all the paintings by a particular artist within 100 miles, take a jewelry making class, take up belly dancing, If you dont like that one, try another Finding the perfect hobby can be as much fun as having one you do all the time. Personally - I prefer variety.