Wife Banging

my wife is 32 years old, petite and beautiful . i would like to see her getting deep **** from strong ***** and a lot of *** deposited in her soft *****.

andypapa andypapa
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I'd love that for my wife as well, if only she'd let me share her other than just showing her off here, but she won't....

Would love to see her soft *****.

I'd love to see her. I love getting off in fertile *******. I'd want you to be there watching me **** her.

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That's hot, better make sure you can handle it. Its not for everyone.

I would love to be one of the guys to plant my seed deep in your wife's Pusssy my dck size is 7.....

ru really interested in breeding her ?

yes really

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thanks waguy i need your encouragement n big **** for my wife

my **** is only 4 inches long n 3 inches thick so her ***** is not well stretched so please be gentle n may i know ur **** size. i want to know if u find her a real **** teaser

I'd give you a front row seat screwing your wife... I'd let you see my **** teasing her ***** lips...let you see her moistness on her lips and my ****.... then let you see it slowly disappear in her sweet and soaking wet *****! For a finish, I'd even pull "just" out of her ***** so that you'd see the first few spurts splashing on her ***** lips!.....Of course, I'd have to plow back in so that her ***** could milk every drop I have to offer!

thanks williemcd . my indian wife's ***** is always open for your massive **** assault . her soft milky thighs are wide open to accommodate you

Please add me so I can see her pix. My **** is dripping for her.

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Dude I would love to slide my big thick **** into your wife's soft little *****. You can watch as my **** slides in and out of that soft, wet , juicy ****. She would moan with pleasure as I deep **** her and squirt a huge load of baby making ***** deep into her ****. I want to please her with my **** and hot ***** while you look at my **** slide in and out of her.

I love to **** your misses

it would be even much more fun to watch her give birth in labor pains to child that isnt even yours. of course we would either in person or via streaming