I Hope It's Not Too Late

It's hard to realize how much I've given up. Between a husband and two kids I've forgotten to take care of myself and my friendships. It's hard to think about how few people I have to turn to. Recently my sister in law declared I'm not family after bring with my husband for 30 years. It made me realize I guess I don't have family either. I've been so busy taking care of others needs I forgot about my own.
Gardenergirl Gardenergirl
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Do not ever give up. Yes we do forget about our own needs. We all have family. Sometimes we are just to blind to see it. There is no need to feel alone. Believe me I have those days too. Your children come first before anything else. Made the same mistakes. Lead me to illness. Bone breaks. Family fights. My son stuck in his room because he was afraid to come out. We Learn. You are learning. Despite feeling alone. Your children love and adore you. even when they don't eat their dinner or snack :) .They are what matters most.