Need More Friends

In person I am usually one of two things.... overly talkative and joking or completely quiet. I find for myself talking online more easy to express myself.
Recently I have broken my shoulder. Can barely move. Broke off my relationship (was suppose to get married again) but couldn't stand the way he acted with my son. So enough was enough. Take you (and ohhh this was tossed in my face that he put $10,000 in diamonds on my hand).... take your rings and live your life. I moved back to my parents. Now I am alone again. My friends got neglected so now don't talk to me much. Yes I know that is all my fault~~.. I hurt my son. I hurt my family. I hurt my friends. I hurt myself.

Don't worry not one of those people all depressed. Just trying to start again to be normal.
The internet is easier to do when it comes to that.

~ Sasha
sasha0309 sasha0309
36-40, F
Dec 16, 2012